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You can reach me at: gro.gmtdetatonna@toor

I love hearing from you, but it can take me a long time to reply. I'm very sorry and hope you understand.

Site information

Why .org? RFC 1591.

This website was written with vim on Linux systems. The site is generated with Jekyll using kramdown, an excellent extended implementation of Markdown, to produce the HTML. I highly recommend all of these fine pieces of software.

If you see something anywhere on this site that could be done more cleanly or semantically, I'd love to hear about it so I can fix it.


I occasionally get requests about how to obtain a local copy of this website. The simplest way is probably using wget:

$ wget -pkrP tamg -nH 

This will convert all the links to point to the local files so everything will still work, and saves the site to a local directory called tamg. wget is available on all platforms and is free, open source software.

If command line tools are unfamiliar, contact me and I'll try to help.


The Annotated Mountain Goats is presently in an archival state. Further edits are likely to be sporadic at best, although the future is always uncertain. You are welcome to take from this work in your own Mountain Goats projects. Please consider crediting the Annotated Mountain Goats by linking back to the site.

A former guide for contributing, as well as all of the source code, is available in the git repository. This hopefully makes it easier to navigate if you choose to borrow from the site. You are welcome to reach out to me using the contact information above if you have questions or just want to talk.

If you're curious about what is incomplete, a number of albums need lyrics and annotations. You can see which ones these are by looking at the discography on the front page. Links in italics are incomplete: those prefixed with a dash (-) contain lyrics but have yet to be annotated; those prefixed with a plus (+) instead need transcription as well.