Bedside Recordings Vol. 1.2 1

Cover of Bedside Recordings Vol. 1.2 Back of Bedside Recordings Vol. 1.2

Released: 2003
Label: Barsuk Records

Liner notes


Bedside Recordings Vol. 1.2 had one outtake, Cut Off Their Thumbs #1, that was later released online in Hospicio de Huerfanos.

Table of contents

  1. Soft Targets
  2. Advancing Army Clip

Soft Targets 2 3

You cry when you get drunk
And I can't find the right things to say
Sooner or later you'll start breaking plates
And I'll do what I can to stay out of your way

There is nobody innocent here
I've got more blood on my hands than you do
It's you and it's me and the baby makes three
Yeah, but we've got our love to carry us through
We've got our love to carry us through

I cry when I'm hungry
Something is wrong with my brain
And the ghost of our future's awake in the attic
He moans and he wails as he rattles his chains

We embrace on the floor in the kitchen
Emissaries from neighboring lands
When I hunt down the vampire that did this to us
I will rip out his heart with my hands
I will rip out his heart with my hands

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Thanks as always to Caliclimber, whose Flickr page provided the album art.


  1. Bedside Recordings 1.2 is a small, 7" split EP between the Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice. This split was the second release of Ben Gibbard's (of Death Cab for Cutie) short-lived record label Bedside Recordings; Volume 1.1 featured David Bazan and Casey Foubert (both from Pedro the Lion), and to the best of my knowledge a third volume was never made. Both songs on the album are titled on a military theme. 

  2. "It's a love song, after a manner of speaking... Well, here's the thing. In, you know, the US military, has this way of coming up with nice ways of describing bad things. So, you have 'hard targets' — that's buildings, and military installations, and streets, right? And then you have 'soft targets' — and that's people, right." — Mains d'Oeuvres, Mofo Festival, Paris, June 27, 2003.

    Although some debate exists among fans as to whether this song belongs in the Alpha couple series, as I've found nothing to confirm that it belongs in the series, I have left it out. 

  3. A soft target is a military term for any easy-to-destroy target, that is, something they want to destroy but which isn't defended or protected.