Miscellaneous unreleased Extra Glenns/Lens songs

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Apologies, but I haven't had the chance to annotate this album yet — if you'd like to help, please email me! This page is just a placeholder so that you can read the lyrics. Full annotations, liner notes, and the rest will come when the page is fully annotated.

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All Frosting

Let's meet out in San Bernardino
Let's get a case of Polish vodka
Let's bring out the big guns
The modified Israeli ones

Let's go back to where we let it all go
Let's quit scavenging for bones down in the snow
Let's follow the freeway from here
Let's disappear

Let's get our stuff back from the pawnshop
Let's put a bedroom in the attic
Let's stay up real late
And see if we don't suffocate

Let's practice our smiles 'til we're they're freezing cold
Let's dig up the graveyard 'til we find ourselves some gold
I'll tell you when the coast is clear
Let's disappear

Alpha Aquae

I've grown rather tired
Of our little game
You ask me the question
My answer's the same

And I couldn't say
The day or the year
But it must be summer, 'cause there's flies in here
I need water
I need water

Ants on the window ledge
Caught my attention
And I wanted to say so
But I was too tired to mention it

And we crawled in bed
And melted together
Cursing each other
Cursing the weather
And I need water
I need water

Going to California

The boughs hang low
And I know
The apple blossoms are dry

No rainfall
No rain this year
No rain at all
No rain anywhere near here

Skin cracking
The skies are clear
There's no turning back now
But there's no water here

The flashbulb pops
But those are some sad looking drops
See, that's the useless tractor
And over there that's me

Standing on dry land
Reaping the dividends
Under a cloudless sky
Smiling at the camera lens

Skin cracking
The skies are clear
There's no turning back now
But there's no water here

Skin cracking
The skies are clear
There's no turning back now
But there's no water here

[Sliding Down the Right Pathway]

I came sliding down the right pathway
I was shining like a migraine headache
I came calling with my voice newly polished
My throat was reflecting things you had left in the air
And I could taste the air
It was hot in my lungs
It was strange to be in there without you
Light from the window
Burns my eyes
And that tells me something about you

I sold my soul to the man down the hallway
And I crept lightly into the next room
What was left of your heartbeat burned so brightly
I could feel the light inside, I tightened up inside
When I was in the places you had been in
I could hear water
Like I remembered hearing water around you
It came clear in my mind
The way the building was set up
And that tells me something about you

The traces you left gave off a weird sequence of lines
And I marked everything in the building with a mark that only I could recognize
And the things in my memory lined up next to each other and they started to burn
And then the smell of your hair came alive within in me, I mean it came alive in me
When I saw you there
Something inside me changed
And that's the last time I'll ever doubt you
There were animal sounds
Ringing within the walls
And that tells me something about you


not yet annotated