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Released: 1995
Label: Shrimper

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Liner notes 3


"I've had hell inside me. I can spot it in others."
— Eugene O'NEILL, The Iceman Cometh, Act Two 4 5

"I'm a-going t'make all o' this hum my hum! They's one room hain't mine yet, but it's a-goin' t'be tonight."
— Eugene O'NEILL, Desire Under the Elms, Part Two, Scene Two 6

Ask the typical American what he or she knows about Sweden and you'll probably be met with a confused, empty sort of look, a shrug of the shoulders, and a stammering response about Swedish meatballs; ask the typical music fan and you'll probably hear something about ABBA and Ace of Base; 7 ask me and I'll start telling you about the Swedish Chef on The Muppet Show, 8 who never seemed to get around to making the meatballs but sang better than all of the members of ABBA and Ace of Base put together.

While our inability to attach any definitive imagery to our conceptions of Sweden may have something to do with garden-variety American cultural know-nothingism, it probably owes just as much to the Swedes' oft-overlooked skill at cleverly obscuring their true nature. Everything about the Scandinavian country, from its understatedly simple flag design to its studious neutrality in both World Wars, has been carefully crafted to lull us into accepting the Swedes as a nation of cheery blue-eyed blondes with nothing better to do than sip aquavit and eat smorgasbord. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that Swedes are brilliantly cunning and ruthlessly ambitious. Not all of them are as obfuscatorily fiendish as IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, who grudgingly admitted in November of 1994 that he had "naively" belonged to a Nazi organization between 1945 and 1948 9 (and whose stores, to my knowledge, have never played ABBA or Ace of Base over their sound systems, although they do serve Swedish meatballs), but as a rule it is wise to treat Swedish claims and statements with a certain healthy skepticism. Official statistics on alcohol consumption, for example, rank Sweden among the lightest-drinking countries in the world, but this is characteristically deceptive — high alcohol taxes make drinking in Sweden prohibitively expensive, so most Swedes simply hop over the border to either Finland or Norway and get soused to their hearts' considerable content. Similarly, the 1986 assassination of outwardly docile Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was originally seen as an act of senseless terrorism but is now widely acknowledged to have been an ingenious and necessary sacrifice, carried out with Palme's full cooperation and approval, in order to draw attention to the high quality of Sweden's long-underrated firearms industry. Even the Swedish Chef himself, long a staple on The Muppet Show, was not fully what he seemed: close inspection reveals that he was the only Muppet to have human hands rather than Muppet hands, an anomaly that has never been satisfactorily explained and whose secret apparently went to the grave with honorary Swede Jim Henson in 1990. 8

Such inscrutability, coupled with a national history dotted with character-building ordeals like the Stockholm Bloodbath of 1520, the Thirty Years War of 1618–48, and the Linköping Cannibalism Outbreak of 1926, 10 adds up to a juggernaut in the making. Americans would be wise to protect their collective flank and pay heed to the warning recently issued by the Swedish rock band Whale, whose 1994 "Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe" single contained the following backwards-masked message: "We will bury you... bury you." 11

(CD booklet):

Mark GIVENS painted the front cover at which we are awed and for which we are grateful. 12 The back cover is from Marcella ZITA's Walking on Snow, maybe the best film I've ever seen. 13

Thanks to the Swedish Army, Special Forces Unit: Liz, Dan, Danielle, Dennis, Giana, Paul, Gary, and Kurt. Very special thanks to the monkeys for playing on the coconuts with their little hands on the Neon Orange Glimmer Song.

The Mountain Goats are John and Rachel. Fergus is completely out of his mind.

Sweden has one major outtake, I've Got the Sex. It is also intimately related to its sequel, the unreleased album Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg. John has also played several unreleased outtakes of unknown names, which have been named by their tapers as [Horse and Master], [I Might Compare], [Let Me Go], [One Frozen River Stuck in Time], [Shield My Eyes Against the Glare], and [Slip Away From Me], based on their lyrics.

Table of contents

  1. The Recognition Scene
  2. Downtown Seoul
  3. Some Swedish Trees
  4. I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
  5. Deianara Crush
  6. Whole Wide World
  7. Flashing Lights
  8. Sept 19 Triple X Love! Love!
  9. Going to Queens
  10. Tahitian Ambrosia Maker
  11. Going to Bolivia
  12. Tollund Man
  13. California Song
  14. Snow Crush Killing Song
  15. Send Me an Angel
  16. Neon Orange Glimmer Song
  17. FM
  18. Prana Ferox
  19. Cold Milk Bottle

The Recognition Scene 14 15 16

We broke the doorknob off of the door
The door swung open easily
You sauntered into the poorly lit store
And looked around lazily
We stole every bit of candy they had inside
Gobbled it all up greedily on our three-month ride 17
I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
I'm gonna miss you when you're gone

We headed out to the getaway car
And hit the open road
I saw something written in tall clear letters on your face
But I could not break the code
We had hot caramels sticking to our teeth
And the only love I've ever know burning underneath
I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
I'm gonna miss you when you're gone
I'm gonna miss you when you're gone

Downtown Seoul 18 19

There was a new song on the air
I saw you coming across the square
And a white bird broke the dark Korean sky
As the rest of my life went by

You had your warm hand on my face
I took your index finger in between my teeth
And I held it gently in place
It was resting lightly on my tongue in there
I saw you shaking in the cold Korean air
There but for the grace of the lord of song 20
I would be this very second and I'm coming right along
You had your cardigan on

I looked toward the sky and the white bird was gone
I remember your eyelids
I remember your body now

Some Swedish Trees 21

"One, two, one, two, three, four..."
"Oh, you don't want to start like that, you want me to do the thing."
"That's not how we ever start."

Well, you were standing in the door
Well, I wondered what you were waiting for
I saw the wild strawberries on the vine
Out of control

Well I was trying to think of something clever
You were saying nothing whatsoever
I saw the berries throw their hooks into the soil
Felt the blood between us churning thick as motor oil

We'd come from California
The air around you was familiar to me now
If you were gazing westward
I was looking at you again

I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone 22 23 24

"I who have sat by Thebes below the wall
And walked among the lowest of the dead."

All I know
Is I'm in love you
Even though
You say that we are through
I know without your love
I just can't go on
I wonder where our love has gone

Always thought
You'd love me more and more
Never dreamed
You'd ever let me go
I know without your love
I just can't go on
I wonder where our love has gone

Now, what did I do
And what did I say
That ever could leave you
To treat me this way
If I've been untrue
I'm willing to pay
And darling, if that's not enough I'll do anything you say

So darling, please
Wherever you may be
Hear my plea
And hurry home to me
I know without your love
I just can't go on
I wonder where our love has gone

Deianara Crush 26 27

One day in September
You come here
You pull my head down
And you whisper in my ear

And you tell me the sidewalk
Is as far as the world really goes
But that's a secret
Everybody knows

You hold my head in your hands
You say my name
How is it that though you say it some twenty-thousand times
It's never quite the same

And you tell me that Hercules
Died burning consumed by an article of his own clothing 26
That's something
I'd rather not be reminded of

Whole Wide World 28

The last of the repercussions
Died off real slow
The sky was still
And the cold sun sank down beneath the snow

I hung by my hand
From the tree outside
And I looked on the whole wide world

The voices came quietly
I shut them down
A tricky young southernly wind
Came at me with its high whistling sound
I turned around to face it
With real arrogance burning inside
And I drank in the whole wide world

Flashing Lights 29

I am wearing
A white long-sleeve button-down
The pink colors behind the clouds tonight
Mirror the softer shades of your nightgown
As the neurotransmitters go crazy inside of me
You swear you're leaving town
Empty promises
Empty promises

I am watching
The way the wind seems to pass straight through your body
When you run your fingernail along my neck
And you spill some water on me
You say you're as good as gone
Well, don't look now, but here comes the dawn
Empty promises
Empty promises
Empty promises
Empty promises

Sept 19 Triple X Love! Love! 30 31 32

"I bet you don't know..." 33

I cut down that withered peach tree
Just like you asked me to
And I hacked it into pieces
Set it on fire with your face in plain view
At the near window where you stood
Watching me split the wood
I will do as I am told
I will keep away the cold

The fire pit in the snow
Gave off a rich bright orange-red glow
And a familiar scent rose up into the air
And I remembered something special from a long time ago
You opened up the door
Stepped away from the killing floor
Your footprint on the snow was fresh and new
When you touched me I felt fire coming through
I will do as I am told
I will keep away the cold
I will do as I am told
I will keep away the cold

Going to Queens 34 35 36

The ghostly sing-song
Of the children playing double Dutch 37
I felt the wind come through the window
I felt it turn around and switch back
In the second-story room
In Jamaica, Queens 38
Your hair was dripping wet
Your skin was clean
And the children skipping rope
Tripled their speed
You were all I'd ever wanted
You were all I'd ever need
In New York City in the middle of July
The air was heavy and wet
The air was heavy, your body was heavy on mine
I will know who you are yet, I will know who you are yet

Tahitian Ambrosia Maker 39 40

We were real hungry and half dead
When you broke out half a loaf of sourdough bread
And in the tropical air the scent rose like a spirit
Moments of grace like this being wholly unmerited

We were newly alive and I felt your hand on my arm
I was awake to the sensation and immune from all harm
You pressed your soft cheek up against my gut
Pure gold, nothing but gold
And I'm gonna bake you a nice coconut cream pie
'Cause I saw the sky coming down to meet you

Going to Bolivia 41 42 43

"It is the only appliance that grinds the grain into flour and kneads the dough in the same container." 44

I cut myself a two foot switch 45
From some tropical hardwood nearby
And the sounds of a carnival drifted miraculously
Through the air from a thousand miles away
The monkeys jumped from tree to tree
It sent a deathly chill through me
In Bolivia

Wildcats I had never seen
Claimed places in my room
And animal noises rang through the thick brush
Like voices from the tomb
I saw the freshly-polished chrome
Gleaming in the midday sun
And I knew that you were coming home
To Bolivia

Hey, hey

Tollund Man 46 47 48

I was sitting at the edge of the marsh
When the council came to bring me the news
They handed me a bowl of cooked wild grasses 49 and they
Gave me the ceremonial shoes

Goodbye, young Danish women
Goodbye, Danish sky
Goodbye, cold air, I am going away
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye 50

California Song 51 52

I know you can see Mars
In the sky tonight
I know you can see Venus rising
And veering off to the right
Can you see that young star overhead
It's the one that designed my undoing

I know that in California
The waves break on the beach
And I know that the foam on the breaking waves
Is as white as household bleach
But do you see that particular white right now
It's the color of the young star, coming on down
I got joy, joy, joy in my soul tonight
I got joy, joy, joy in my arms all right
Although you treat me badly
I love you madly
You really got a hold on me
You really got a hold on me 53

Snow Crush Killing Song 54 55

When I ask you to look at me
You look away
I ask you to tell me something nice once
You come at me with all your hot lights on display
I know you're changing
Damn you
I know you're changing
God damn you for that

And the snow stacked up outside
You looked around
I could see it from the window
I could the snow coming down
I know you're changing
Damn you
I know you're changing
God damn you

Send Me an Angel 56

In an hour or two
The sun will rise on you
And it will be clear what has happened between us
In an hour or two
The wind will come through the window
The wind will tear through the house
I am creeping up the staircase
One step at a time
Bringing roses and chocolate
Roses and chocolate

Neon Orange Glimmer Song 57

There's a capsicum pepper plant 58 growing
Out in the backyard
There's a capsicum pepper plant growing
Out in the backyard
And I, I am a monster
I can't believe the thing I've done
I can't believe the thing I've done

There's a friend of mine living in Dallas 59
About a two days' drive from here
Got a friend of mine living in Dallas
And that's a two days' drive from here
And I, I am a monster
I can't believe the thing I've done
I can't believe the thing I've done

And there's a cold wind blowing
And there's a silver bell hanging
And there's a silver bell ringing
And I, I am a monster
I can't believe the thing I've done
I can't believe the thing I've done


FM 60 61 62 63

Hurry the bottle mama, it's grapefruit wine
Kick off your high-heeled sneakers, it's party time
The girls don't seem to care what's on
As long as it plays 'til dawn
No static at all

Give her some fucked-up music, 64 she treats you nice
Feed her some hungry reggae, she'll love you twice
The girls don't seem to care tonight
As long as the mood is right
No static at all
No static at all

Prana Ferox 65 66 67

"You wake up in the morning feeling gloriously alive, with the firm conviction that the problems that disturbed you in the past will now disappear, disappear, disappear into the midnight of your consciousness." 68

I went down to the basement
To check up on the sour mash 69
I looked down to the nonreactive ceramic tub
It was bubbling
I had stirred up the dust on the stairs coming down
I saw the dust devils swarming around
Incoming sunbeams cut them apart
And I watched a shadow pass across my heart
You were upstairs in the kitchen
With your head against the sink
Trying to cool down
Trying to cool down

I know you don't believe me, but I could hear you breathing
I looked into the tub and there the mixture was seething
With new life, new life all around
I stirred up the dust on the stairs coming down
You were upstairs in the kitchen
With your head against the sink
Trying to cool down
Trying to cool down

Cold Milk Bottle 70

Rainbows shone on the glass
Dewdrops gathered on the grass
And the yellow sun came into view
Another goddamn message from you
Well, despite your best efforts
I feel all right
Against my better judgment
I feel all right
Despite your random acts of violence
I feel all right
Despite the force of your fury
I feel all right

You're mean to me
Why must you be mean to me 71
You shouldn't forget, you see
What you mean to me


Thanks as always to Caliclimber, whose Flickr page provided the album art and insert and who personally provided a scan and transcription of the CD booklet.

  1. Sweden, Nall, accessed September 20, 2013.


  1. In an excellent interview with John on VPRO radio (February 17, 2000), he describes that he stopped writing Sweden because he couldn't bear to make the people in Sweden "suffer any more". He mentions that they show up elsewhere, but that in "a couple songs" Full Force Galesburg used a different couple that was "a little angrier, and a little less easy to sympathize with". Given this description, I think it's safe to say that no songs on Sweden describe the Alpha couple. 

  2. In a particularly amazing live show (Castro Theater, San Francisco, December 14, 2010), many songs and outtakes from Sweden or its unreleased companion record, Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg, were played live as the score to the Swedish silent film Sir Arne's Treasure for the San Francisco Film Society. Songs were not played in order but matched to scenes; for example, as Arne's house was burned to the ground by the three marauders, John played Snow Crush Killing Song, which has the subtitle, "The house was burned down by the young man.

  3. On the insert to Sweden describing the song list, each song has a subtitled line in Swedish following the title. These are transcribed with each individual track rather than the liner notes. Translations are from Jordan Ellenberg, as provided to Nall and found on Nall's Sweden page. I'm not sure how these relate to the songs themselves.

    Swedish does not have the letter "ÿ", which appears in the subtitle for Downtown Seoul. Called the "tyskt y", or "German y", when it appears in Swedish loanwords, it is not part of the Swedish alphabet and generally only appears in German words. "Yngre", meaning "younger", is usually spelled without the umlaut. I'm not sure what this implies about the origin of these Swedish words.

    The liner notes were written by Paul Lucas. Zoop II, Farm Sanctuary, New York, June 13, 2009. 

  4. Both quotes are from Eugene O'Neill plays, a Nobel Prize in Literature winning realist playwright from New York City. 

  5. The Iceman Cometh is a play (and later, a film) about the denizens of a bar. Set in 1912, the film has many political themes while discussing the despair in the lives of those at the bar. 

  6. Desire Under the Elms is another play adapting parts of the tragedy of Phaedra, a Greek myth, to 1920s New England. Originally told by Euripides and Seneca the Younger, the married Phaedra falls in love with Hippolytus, who rejects her. Phaedra then claims to her husband, Theseus, that Hippolytus raped her, resulting in his death. In the O'Neill play, the husband is instead cuckolded, resulting in a child, which the wife murders in an attempt to continue her affair. 

  7. John's love of Ace of Base's song The Sign is known to many fans; a studio version is recorded on Songs for Peter Hughes (and later, Bitter Melon Farm), and John has played his cover live at over a dozen shows. John has described himself as an ABBA fan as well, see for example Bullseye, Sound of Young America, April 7, 2011. 

  8. The Swedish Chef is a Muppet who sings in fake Swedish while making a slapstick parody of actual cooking. His signature phrase, "Børk, børk, børk!" includes ø, a letter not actually present in the Swedish alphabet. Performed by puppeteer Jim Henson, the Swedish Chef did in fact use Henson's hands rather than puppet hands to make it easier to manipulate cutlery.  2

  9. The Swedish furniture store tycoon Ingvar Kamprad did indeed admit to such a claim. After the leader of the fascist and Nazi-supporting New Swedish Movement died, his letters revealed that Kamprad had been involved with the organization in the 1940s. 

  10. The Stockholm Bloodbath was a massacre of Swedes following with invasion of Denmark in November 1520. The Thirty Years' War was an enormous religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics, which involved much of Scandinavia in the 1620s and 1630s. The Linköping Cannibalism Outbreak of 1926 appears to be made up. 

  11. Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe was an alternative rock track by Whale, as described, charting into the top 10. It is not purported to have any backmasking in it, to my knowledge. 

  12. Givens also painted the cover of Beautiful Rat Sunset and is likely the namesake for Song for Mark and Joel

  13. John mentions that he's lost touch with Zita and doesn't know where to find this film anymore in his interview with Space City Rock (2001). I have been unable to find any further information about Zita or Walking on Snow, but would love to hear more if you know something. My best guess is that Zita is another local from the Inland Empire scene. Zita also contributed the cover to Zopilote Machine

  14. John describes this song and Sept 19 Triple X Love! Love! as being companion pieces. He continues: "This song is about that moment when — let's say you'd been assembling a model... so you've been following the directions, and as the model begins to take shape, you see that the shape, while it is a distinct and easy-to-identify shape, is not the same one that was on the box. And it's gonna eat you alive. You didn't know it was that kind of model. If you had known, you wouldn't have bought it." — Terrastock II, Custer Avenue Stages, San Francisco, April 17, 2013

    A similar description: "This is a song... that's about a point in time when everything sacred goes profane." — Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, January 27, 1999 

  15. A recognition scene is a term from plays where a character realizes the situation they're in or otherwise has a major epiphany related to their plight. 

  16. Subtitle: "Vi skulle gå hem, forren det regnar." Translation: "We were going home before a rain." 

  17. Sometimes sung live with a different duration. For example, at Cat's Cradle in 1999, John sings "five-month ride". 

  18. Subtitle: "Han ar ÿngre an jag." Translation: "He is younger than me." 

  19. Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea. 

  20. This bears a remarkable similarity to the famous expression, "There but for the grace of God goes John Bradford", sometimes altered to, "There but for the grace of God go I". The idiom is attributed to the Protestant martyr John Bradford, who was said to utter this saying as he saw criminals being executed prior to his own burning at the stake by Mary I of England. 

  21. Subtitle: "De fleyendena var oskyldiga." Translation: "Those who escaped were innocent." 

  22. I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone is part of the informal series of cover songs

  23. I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone was originally written by Buddy Johnson, the American bandleader. It has since become a jazz standard, and has been performed by many individuals including Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. 

  24. Subtitle: "Inga grona blader." Translation: "No green leaves." 

  25. This is a recording of T. S. Eliot reading his beloved poem, The Waste Land. This portion of the poem is from part three, The Fire Sermon. While I am not completely certain that this is the same recording, one recording of Eliot reading The Waste Land which sounds very similar is available from the Internet Multicasting Service. Retrieved September 28, 2013. 

  26. Deïanira, meaning "man-destroyer", was one of Hercules' wives. Told in Sophocles' play Women of Trachis, Hercules killed the centaur Nessus with a Hydra-poisoned arrow when Nessus attempted to steal Deïanira. As he died, Nessus told Deïanira to give Hercules a shirt painted with his blood to prevent him from being unfaithful. When she did so, the Hydra poison killed Hercules, burning him alive. Deïanira subsequently committed suicide.  2

  27. Subtitle: "År du inte min van?" Translation: "Aren't you my friend?" 

  28. Subtitle: "Fast han hade forandrat sig mycket, kande genast jag igen honom." Translation: "Even though he'd changed so much, I recognized him immediately." 

  29. Subtitle: "Den kallaste vintern." Translation: "The coldest winter." 

  30. John describes this as being the companion piece to The Recognition Scene. Terrastock II, Custer Avenue Stages, San Francisco, April 17, 2013. 

  31. I would love to understand this title, but I don't grasp it at all. If you do, please contact me

  32. Subtitle: "Vi gor vad vi kån." Translation: "We do what we can." 

  33. This clip is from Shenley Duffus' reggae song, Bet You Don't Know. The full verse is as follows:

    I bet you don't know but you are the one I love
    I bet you don't know but you are the one that I love
    You've been gone such a long, long time
    But I got you on my mind
    I bet you don't know but you are the one I love 

  34. Going to Queens is part of the Going to ... series

  35. Queens is one of the five boroughs of New York City. 

  36. Subtitle: "Vi visste in te, vad som skülle handa." Translation: "We didn't know what would happen." 

  37. Double Dutch is a form of jump rope where two jump ropes rotating in opposite directions are jumped simultaneously. 

  38. Jamaica is a neighborhood within Queens. 

  39. Tahiti is an island in French Polynesia, a French colony. Ambrosia is the food or drink of the gods in Greek mythology, consumed with nectar. 

  40. Subtitle: "Han har kant igen dig." Translation: "He's recognized you." 

  41. Going to Bolivia is part of the Going to ... series

  42. Bolivia is a Spanish-speaking country in South America. 

  43. Subtitle: "Huset var vackert belagen, vilket gjorde mitg mycket glad." Translation: "The house was beautifully situated, which made me very happy." 

  44. I'm not sure what advertisement this is from - if you do, please let me know. 

  45. Regarding the doubling of "switch" here, John says, "'switch' probably just a phasing issue, I didn't used to sit very still on-mic on studios". Forums, June 24, 2008. More discussion occurs in that thread. 

  46. The extra lyrics to Tollund Man are part of the informal series of Biblical references

  47. The Tollund Man was a mummified body found in a bog in Denmark. Evidence suggests that he was strangled to death, potentially as a ritual sacrifice. 

  48. Subtitle: "Han tycktes sova." Translation: "He was apparently sleeping." 

  49. Based on his autopsy, the Tollund Man's last meal was discovered to be a porridge from grains and seeds. Silkeborg Museum, The Last Meal. Retrieved September 28, 2013. 

  50. John often sings this with other lines following the last verse. At Will's Pub, Orlando, April 9, 2003:

    There's no mercy, which makes your love more strong
    To love that well, which you will have to leave before too long
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la la la la la la

    At Mains d'Oeuvres, Mofo Festival, Paris, France, June 27, 2003 and Empty Bottle, Chicago, October 14, 2005:

    Dog-tired, suisired, will now my body down
    Near Cedar Avenue in Minneap
    Where the used cars live
    When my crime comes
    When my crime comes
    When my crime comes
    When my crime comes
    When, when

    At Berbati's Pan, Portland, October 3, 2003:

    I, I will be king
    And you, you will be queen
    Nothing can drive them away
    We can beat them just for one day, one day

    At Court Square Theater, Harrisonburg, April 4, 2003:

    We sat at the window looking out
    And the rain came down like silken string that Swithin's day
    Nothing to read, nothing to say
    Seemed in that room for her and me
    We were irked by the scene, by our own selves, yes
    She did not read, nor could I confess
    How much there was to read and guess
    By her in me, nor could be a crown in it
    Wasted were two souls in their prime
    And great was the waste at July time
    When the rain came down

    At North Star Bar, Philadelphia, September 22, 2007:

    This is my Father's world
    And to my listening ears
    In the tall dry grass I hear him pass
    This is my Father's world
    This is, this is, this is, this is my Father's world
    This is, this is, this is my Father's world
    Why must I then be sad
    In the tall, tall grass I hear him pass
    This is my Father's world, my Father's world

    These stanzas are from Shakepeare's Sonnet 73, John Berryman's The Poet's Final Instructions, David Bowie's "Heroes", Thomas Hardy's We Sat at the Window, and the hymn This Is My Father's World, respectively.

    In full, Shakespeare's Sonnet 73 reads (with the relevant lines in the final couplet):

    That time of year thou mayst in me behold,
    When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
    Upon those boughs which shake against the cold,
    Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.
    In me thou seest the twilight of such day,
    As after sunset fadeth in the west,
    Which by and by black night doth take away,
    Death's second self, that seals up all in rest.
    In me thou seest the glowing of such fire,
    That on the ashes of his youth doth lie,
    As the death-bed whereon it must expire,
    Consumed with that which it was nourished by.
    This thou perceiv'st, which makes thy love more strong,
    To love that well, which thou must leave ere long.

    John Berryman's poem, The Poet's Final Instructions, goes as follows:

    Dog-tired, suisired, will now my body down
    near Cedar Avenue in Minneap,
    when my crime comes. I am blazing with hope.
    Do me glory, come the whole way across town.

    I couldn't rest from hell just anywhere,
    in commonplaces. Choiring & strange my pall!
    I might not lie still in the waste of St Paul
    or buy DAD's root beer; good signs I forgive.

    Drop here, with honour due, my trunk & brain
    among the passioning of my countrymen
    unable to read, rich, proud of their tags
    and proud of me. Assemble all my bags!
    Bury me in a hole, and give a cheer,
    near Cedar on Lake Street, where the used cars live.

    John's use borrows from the first and last stanzas.

    Third, the stanza in question is from the chorus of David Bowie's signature 1977 song "Heroes":

    I, I will be king
    And you, you will be queen
    Though nothing will drive them away
    We can be heroes just for one day
    We can be us just for one day

    Forth, Thomas Hardy's 1875 poem We Sat at the Window:

    We sat at the window looking out,
    And the rain came down like silken strings
    That Swithin's day. Each gutter and spout
    Babbled unchecked in the busy way
    Of witless things:
    Nothing to read, nothing to see
    Seemed in that room for her and me
    On Swithin's day.

    We were irked by the scene, by our own selves; yes,
    For I did not know, nor did she infer
    How much there was to read and guess
    By her in me, and to see and crown
    By me in her.
    Wasted were two souls in their prime,
    And great was the waste, that July time
    When the rain came down.

    This Is My Father's World is a popular Christian poem and hymn by Maltbie Davenport Babcock published in 1901 and written in the late 19th century. Originally a lengthy poem, it was shortened to fewer verses when first set to music in 1916 by Franklin L. Sheppard, and is now sung with a variety of similar verses. For example:

    This is my Father's world
    And to my listening ears
    All nature sings and round me rings
    The music of the spheres

    This is my Father's world
    I rest me in the thought
    Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas
    His hand the wonders wrought

    This is my Father's world
    He shines in all that's fair
    In rustling grass I hear him pass
    He speaks to me everywhere

    This is my Father's world
    Why should my heart be sad
    The Lord is King, let heaven ring
    God reigns; let earth be glad

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  51. "This is about how, you know, sometimes in a given summer, you're young and in love, and you... live where you're from and where you grew up, and you have an affection for that place, and you think, 'It's awesome to be young, and it's awesome to be in love, and it's awesome that we're both here in this town, and it's so nice.' And that's what this song is about." — Point Ephémère, Paris, October 13, 2009 

  52. Subtitle: "Flicken, vårs van han var, sade adjo." Translation: "The girl whose friend he was said goodbye." 

  53. This is the chorus to the Smokey Robinson and the Miracles song You Really Got A Hold On Me, which has the lines:

    I don't like you, but I love you
    Seems that I'm always thinkin' of you
    Though you treat me badly, I love you madly
    You really got a hold on me
    You really got a hold on me

    This song was later also covered by the Beatles. 

  54. John mentions briefly that this song marked a big step forward in his songwriting. City Arts and Lectures, Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, February 24, 2009. 

  55. Subtitle: "Huset blev brunnet av den unga mannen." Translation: "The house was burned down by the young man." 

  56. Subtitle: "Han ar lika trott som jag." Translation: "He is as tired as I am." 

  57. Subtitle: "Vi traffas pa gatan i morgon." Translation: "We'll meet on the street tomorrow." 

  58. Capsicum is a plant genus including chili peppers and bell peppers, many containing the spice molecule capsaicin. 

  59. Dallas is a major city in northeastern Texas. 

  60. FM is part of the informal series of cover songs

  61. FM (No Static at All) is a song by Steely Dan. 

  62. FM is one of the two major commercial radio bands (the other being AM). Standing for frequency modulation and having higher sound quality than AM, FM radio is used for music, news, and other broadcasting. 

  63. Subtitle: "En vit klaning." Translation: "A white dress." 

  64. In the original Steely Dan song, this line is "Give her some funked-up music, she treats you nice", as opposed to the expletive here. 

  65. "You know when were in love, and the person with whom you were in love was also in love? And then, one or both of you depending on who you ask about the subject years later was possessed by demons and began to change in the blackest and most horrible ways, but not so much so that they didn't recognize that what was happening was horrible beyond description, but yet there was some magnetic pull to the relationship so nobody ever left?" — Crossing Border, Amsterdam, October 9, 1999 

  66. Prana means "life force" in Sanskrit and is invoked throughout Hinduism. Ferox is Latin for "spirited, courageous, warlike". See also Nall's translation in the FAQ. University of Notre Dame, Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid, retrieved September 28, 2013. 

  67. Subtitle: "De gjorde det sjalv." Translation: "They did it themselves." 

  68. I am not at all sure what this is from — if you know, please let me know

  69. Sour mash is a way to start the fermentation of whiskey using the leftovers of the last-completed fermentation process, which still contain the necessary yeast. 

  70. Subtitle: "Jag skall tala i kvall." Translation: "I'm speaking tonight." 

  71. A likely homage to the jazz standard Mean to Me by Roy Turk and sung by many greats, including Billie Holiday, which contains the opening lines:

    You're mean to me
    Why must you be mean to me
    Gee, honey, it seems to me
    You love to see me cryin'
    I don't know why